5 thoughts on “Strengthening studio

    1. Absolutely! I’ve been practicing it for the last 5 years now. It definitely is one of the fundamental building blocks of my pain and disorder management plan. I just moved to a whole new place after twenty years so I’m still figuring out a few things (you know, traveling and all that). Until then, this works just fine :)

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  1. The move sounds exciting! I sometimes use the Pilates DVD’s when there aren’t any classes over the holidays etc, and Upside Down Pilates has some fabulous free videos on their YouTube page.

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  2. I do use Leslie Sansome’s walk at home workouts for cardio, and it’s a good price for an annual subscription with the app. I have to wear a knee and sacro-iliac brace to do the workouts, but really enjoy them, and modify where necessary. It’s low impact cardio with strength training built in to some of the workouts.

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