be grateful they say

{A note on gratitude}

When we tell someone to be grateful because someone else has it worse, we make light out of their situation. And when we do that, we invalidate their experience and make them feel like they are less. Like their experience isn’t bad enough. 

You can’t encourage gratitude in someone by igniting fear in them. Gratitude grows in a space of love and faith. Not fear. It doesn’t magically come to you simply because someone else has it worse. It’s a state of mind you work towards, feed and maintain.


glorification​ of busy

we need to stop the

glorification of busy. 

we are all “busy” 

with something or the other. 

how is one person’s busy any busier than that of someone else?

why do we live under the impression 

that more busy = more important? 

or more busy = more successful. 

it’s not how busy you are

that counts. 

it’s what you are busy doing that does. 

and the bottom line is, no one has time for 

anyone or anything that doesn’t hold a certain value. 

the next time you casually tell someone 

“oh, i was just busy”,

take a moment to step out of your mind 

and ask yourself if that’s the truth, a subconsciously cultivated habit or a mere excuse to prove a point you’re afraid to face. 

we’re all a different kind of busy. 

and our busy-ness is worth nothing 

if we aren’t intentional about what we are busy with and who we make time for despite 

all the busy-ness. 


I know I don’t look sick (whatever ‘sick’ looks like anyway) but guess what, I don’t need to look a particular way to be sick. Ten years of dealing with a life-altering chronic illness and I can now say that making others believe what I’m going through is a waste of my precious time and energy. My job is not to try and prove to the world how sick I am or obsess myself with trying to be inspirational. It is to do my best with what I have, work with my body and its limitations and most importantly, live as authentically as possible. This illness is a major part of my experience on this planet but it isn’t my entire story. #sick #invisible #invisibleillness #ehlersdanlossyndrome #hypermobility #chronicpain #chronicillness #sibo #guthealth #acceptance #reality #selfcare #selflove #embraceyourself