Gastric Attack!

Monday! This week started off well – I got back to eating right, went for Pilates and also managed to walk again! My mind kind of felt fresh; like it was ready to take on whatever came next.

Guess what came next.

Tuesday. I got up on Tuesday with really acute gastric cramps. It was sort of on and off over the weekend and since this happens to me quite a bit, I’ve got all the required medication at home. This time it didn’t help much. I’d feel better for a bit and the abdominal pain would come right back. I had to see my Family Doctor once again to get something stronger. I’ve been prescribed Esomeprazole, which is specifically meant for gastric acid suppression and, Buscopan for abdominal pain or cramps. Along with that I’m taking Axcel Eviline Forte suspension, which is an inorganic salt (Aluminium Hydroxide) used as an antacid. It helps to neutralize Hydrochloric acid in gastric  secretions.

Gastric pain, acid reflux, and other Gastrointestinal issues are some of the secondary symptoms (i.e. those symptoms not directly associated with joint pain) of HMS. It took me a while to understand why HMS is considered a ‘multi-systematic disorder’, but now that I do, all the other symptoms that I deal with seem to make a lot more sense. It all boils down to the collagen defect in people with HMS!

Over last weekend I also developed a sore throat. The same had happened during my previous gastric attack and I was told that there is always a slight possibility that the acid reflux causes throat irritation or inflammation, which can feel as if one is about to fall sick. I’m waiting to see if my throat gets better as my stomach starts to feel better.

On days I have gastric pains, I spend a lot more time at home, drink more camomile tea, put lotsFullSizeRender-11
of strong balm on my stomach and a hot pack over it, and try to sleep more. Camomile tea works as an anti-inflammatory and helps to relax the stomach muscles if the lining of the stomach has become inflamed. Combination of a strong balm + heat from a hot bag always helps relieve the severity of pain for me. I manage to get some sleep this way too. There’s not much I’m able to do with gastric pain that severe except be at home till the pain  reduces. This is the time I eat super bland food and go completely off any sort of caffeine and dairy.

A few other home remedies that I read can help with gastric pain and which I’ll probably try next time are:

1. Drinking rice water (the water leftover after you cook rice)

2. Peppermint tea (helps with indigestion)

3. Ginger-root tea (helps with nausea and relieving stomach muscles)

It’s my second day in bed because of gastric pain. I think it’ll be okay by tomorrow or so. Till then, more camomile tea and rest!


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