Left Shoulder Instability

Tuesday was already going pretty slow because of gastric cramps, and later in the day, my left shoulder startedFullSizeRender-13 feeling really unstable.  It got too loose again. All the muscles around the joint had tightened up in order to hold it up in place. I think I first noticed this when I went to collect medicines for gastric, but I had no clue that it would flare up this way!

I didn’t get a good sleep last night. Slightest movement in sleep and I’d wake up because of pain. I did what I usually do to calm it down….I used a really strong ointment on it, gave it a light massage, used hot bags… and somehow got through the night. I went for an extra Physiotherapy session this morning because there was no way I could’ve gotten through this week with such intense pain in my left shoulder and arm.

The left side of my neck was more bumpy than usual, which is a sign that something is a little more serious. I can always feel these bumps in my neck, they’re just always in thFullSizeRender-12ere, but they swell up right away when something goes a little off in terms or my joints or when I’m really sick.

My Physiotherapist spent one entire hour on my left arm. Everything was so tight! She needed to release all the tensed muscles slowly. IT WAS SO PAINFUL. It seems that the instability of my shoulder is causing my rotator cuff muscles and postural muscles to spasm and guard. This causes pain, stiffness and intolerance to movement to both shoulder and neck. Myofascial adhesions build up and reduce mobility and power of the muscles. These adhesions sort of look like I built biceps overnight. Horribly painful biceps though. I don’t think anyone wants such biceps.

I’ve been told to do scapula protraction exercise over this week, but only if I feel that it’s not causing me more pain. I’m also going to need a sling for the next week or so. It’s time yet again for my right shoulder to take over and my left to rest.

What caused my left shoulder to suddenly become more unstable? I don’t know. All I know is that this is a part and parcel of living with Hypermobility Syndrome so it doesn’t make me feel as bad anymore. I just have to take each day as it comes because each day brings something new and no two days look entirely the same.

Now I should stop typing and get some rest.

Good night!


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