Lower back, Psoas, Sacrum and Coccyx are not at all happy today. #paincantgetenough Had a list of things to do  but I’ve changed my plans and will be attending to this first.

One very important thing this illness has taught me is to create flexible plans and be realistic about what my body can handle. Change can be uncomfortable at first but adapting fast enough is what helps us reduce our suffering. Yes, we need to make plans, have a sense of direction and accomplishment, but we can’t allow ourselves to feel guilty or as if aren’t good enough in case we can’t keep up entirely. Remember, it’s never because we’re incapable (or lazy), it’s only because our body is different and we work on limited number of spoons.

In order to continue moving forward, we need to figure out a pace that’s manageable for us (for us!) and remember to focus our energy on what we can do instead of what we can’t. It’s okay if our plans need to change to suit our ever-changing body. That’s part of living with a rare,chronic illness, isn’t it?Keep making changes to your lifestyle and make choices that honour your body. Accept limitations and work with possibilities.Be open to new opportunities it can bring, make flexible plans (instead of stretching your hyperflexible body) and continue to work on small and achievable goals.

And please,do not ever give up on your dreams.



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