Some Days At Work.

Some days at work look like this. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing. When you’re body tells you to stop. STOP. When your body says lie down, DO IT. If you can’t walk to your bed, JUST LIE DOWN on the floor. Wherever you are.

Listen to your body.

Listen to what it has to tell you.

Ask what it needs out of you and do it.

Be aware of what it’s trying to remind you.

Close your eyes. Pause. Breathe. Let go. Forget. It’s all okay. It will all be okay.

Everything that must wait, can wait and will wait for you. Anything that doesn’t, is not meant for you.


Back to a little bit of work :) Sketched out a few ideas for the cover of One Day At A Time. It’s going to be made out of Faux leather and the very first copies will either be #White, #Magenta or #Teal. That’s right, it has to be one of the #Manntra colours!