सेलfie/LE/ because, why not. Haven’t gotten a chance to really post much on here as my trip has been rather hectic and I haven’t been feeling too well. It’s my third week of antibiotics and fifth week of stronger muscle relaxants and I wish I could say I was doing better.

Nausea and migraine on top of aches and pains and wobbly joints feels like shit because there’s more that needs to be done over the next few weeks and I’m forced to take things slower yet again. It’s a challenge to be sick and do things ‘normal’ people can so easily manage so I try to break down bigger tasks into smaller, more achievable steps and get through them one thing at a time.

Well, I could’ve been a lot worse at this point, so all in all, I think I’m doing quite okay.

Update: Lower Back Injury (2)

I haven’t been posting much lately because I think I just haven’t gotten the time for myself. I had a really great time with my brother in town and now that he’s gone, it’s time to get back into routine. I’ve been doing more in general since he was around and doing anything more than what I am used to and able to do can get difficult to deal with. That was expected though, so that’s alright. I truly enjoyed having him back – we got to spend some time together and I loved that!

But I’m just SO SO SO exhausted…..

Considering that I just wasn’t getting better and could barely do what I am used to doing on a daily basis, I had a slight hunch that something might be out of place. The pain in back hasn’t been this bad in a while now and it was high time I got it checked. I got the Doctor to call for an MRI for me.

It showed that I have another bulge in one of the discs in my lower back. I’ve had an existing herniated disc at L5-S1 and now the one above it, L4-L5, is bulging out a little bit too. Due to a slight nerve impingement at that spot, I can feel the pain shooting down my left leg and sometimes it feels like the insides of my lower back is on fire.

I’m now taking an even stronger dose on painkillers (and I’m not happy about that!), which, just before this recent injury, I only took as per requirement(apart from daily nerve medication and muscle relaxants). As per requirement would sometimes mean every single day for a couple of weeks, or every few days – but at least it wasn’t every single day of the last eight months or so. Not that I wasn’t in pain or I used to feel less pain, but I was very serious about limiting the number of painkillers that I was taking and  had learned to manage the pain with all kinds of therapies and remedies. And now I’m back to taking some 4-6 painkillers a day.

Over next few days, I’m going to be settling back into my place and tidying it up so that from next week on, I’m able to give my full undivided attention to my body. I’m quite sure that as I get all the rest and do what needs to be done, I’ll slowly be able to reduce the number of painkillers again and one by one, everything will start to fall in place.


Quick Update : I’m still here.

Last Sunday I woke up with intense pain in my right rotator-cuff and it still hasn’t settled yet. It could just be some sort of a nerve pain because it seems to be running right down my arm and into my elbow and wrist, affecting everything that I do again.  I’m still waiting for it to subside a little bit at least before I’m able to get back to doing other things! Seeing its present condition, I’m assuming it will take about a week or two to feel any better – that’s okay, that’s just how it is and we know this by now.

I’m expecting the next couple of weeks to be fun and tiring at the same time.  My brother’s visiting for a break so I’m looking forward to some sibling time with him. There are a few other things lined up as well, and I’ll have to make sure I get all the rest that I need even through all this. I tend to get over-excited sometimes and forget what’s good for me. I don’t have a clear plan as to how I’m going to manage it all, though I intend to have a better balance between rest time and all the upcoming stuff!

Everything’s been pretty alright at my end otherwise; there are still a few of things to work through and that’s just a process – not some sort of an end destination.

That’s all for the moment.

Wish you all a great week!