One of those days when all you can do is sleep with oils and hot packs.

My sleep was terrible last night. In fact, I haven’t been sleeping too well and I assume it’s because I’m still getting used to my new place. I usually need some extra time to settle in and get used to a new space. We all do I suppose.
It took me a while to fall asleep last night and I got up far too early. 5:20am? I woke up feeling extremely cold; to a point that I was shivering and needed to wear a sweatshirt, put on my socks, switch off the AC and get myself two hot packs to hold on to. Getting out of bed was a challenge because I hadn’t slept enough and my back as tight and in pain. Nope, I didn’t get a dream and nor did I wake up feeling anything. I just woke up feeling abnormally cold.

No, I wasn’t running a fever either. I checked. My temperature was kind on the lower side instead. I don’t usually get up because it’s too cold in my room. I’d get up if it gets too hot sometimes. The AC needs servicing, so you can imagine, it really wasn’t that cold to begin with. I decided to push myself out of bed, even if I was freezing to death, and start with my day. I had to because my brain was active (tired, but active) and my body didn’t want to cooperate. I know it needed rest but staying in bed wasn’t helping.

Within an hour or so, I got back in bed again. There was no way I could’ve continued with the day. There is no way I’m going to be able to sit with my laptop or get anything done, even though my brain could handle it. It doesn’t even seem like a work-from-bed day. Today, my body needs extra care and rest and that’s what it has to get.

That’s just how it is – every day looks different, yet can feel the same.

Sleeping On Left Shoulder

This is exactly what happens on some nights!

Last night I did something I shouldn’t have done.

I slept like usual. On my back, with four hot bags placed stratigically on the bed and a pillow under my knees..

….and then in the middle of the night… I turned onto my left shoulder and pretty much slept on it till morning… I think I woke up because I heard a tiny “pop” . Yep. Very common!

It was BAD. Super BAD. Getting up feeling like your left side is on fire is a BAD sign.

I had pain running down right from the back of my left ear, down my neck, into my shoulder joint, down my elbow, into my wrist and my palm, all the way till the tip of my left ring finger. My muscle were so tight!

My Physiotherapist describes my muscles as “crunchy” and it’s extremely disgusting to hear the crunchiness as she works on them. Today’s session helped loosen it all up a little bit and I managed to get through the day…. but right now as I type, I can feel my left side stiffening up… so I’m going to stop now.

Good night.