I’ve had a rough week attempting to function while my arms were simply not functioning. This week, I hope to do more for my arms by doing less in general. I’ve always struggled with slowing down and have come a long way with it… but to slow down further requires effort. It requires being present. I’ve observed that staying more present can change how you experience it and that in itself can be very useful.


Hair has grown too long now. It takes forever to shampoo + condition, and, my shoulders, elbows and wrists beg me to stop. That, in itself, other than the fact that your head feels heavy, is a sign that it’s time to go for a haircut. 

P.S. – The fatigue, after each long hair wash session, is too much to handle. Like many others who experience pain, I have too considered getting my washed at a parlour. However, the thought of sitting on a reclined chair of some sort and having extra pressure on my lower back and tailbone  isn’t  exciting enough. Honestly.