Six ingredients chicken broth

Maybe this is a more Indianized version of chicken broth or soup. Each time I caught a flu or fell terribly sick, I’d have this made for me. It’s super easy, doesn’t require much effort and is extremely delicious and nourishing. If you’ve got a sensitive gut like me, this is well worth a try!

You can trust me on this one!


  1. Chicken with bone (any part)
  2. Black Peppercorns (as per your preferance)
  3. Ginger (small pieces)
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Lemon
  6. Cilantro


All you have to do is dump in all the ingredients (except cilantro and lemon) into a pot, add water (enough to cover the chicken or a little more than that) and let it boil for a good 30 minutes. Lower the heat, add more water if needed and let the chicken slow cook for another 30 minutes. The chicken cooks so well it practically starts falling off the bone :)

If you’d like to have a thicker broth, you could add and reduce the water a few times. Three times works perfectly.

Bowl it up. Squeeze in some lemon and garnish it with cilantro. That’s it!

Optional – 1 teaspoon of coconut cream/milk.



Love, because how else do you open doors to growth, happiness and peace?

Love, because how else do you become a more refined version of yourself?

Love, because how else do you learn to become more available for others and yourself?

Love, because how long can you possibly guard your fragile heart and remain surrendered to fear?

Love, because true strength lies in being vulnerable and being soft – with yourself and others.

Love, because even if there’s a risk of heartbreak and pain, there are rewards far more valuable than those transient waves of sadness.

Love, because when you choose love, you choose life.

#love #loveofallkinds

Brain Fog. 

When you’re experiencing a severe brain-fog and your Physiotherapist sticks a memo on the back of your phone to remind you to do things because you can’t remember anything for nuts.

Yesterday’s brain-fog was by far one of the most disorienting brain-fogs I’ve had this year. Maybe the haze is taking it a new level altogether. I lost clarity of things around me, I couldn’t think, my eyes were tired, I couldn’t type properly, I was walking like I might fall any minute, I was talking with words all jumbled up, and, I couldn’t remember what I did during Pilates the day before.

My Physiotherapist asked me if the things I might forget while I experience a brain-fog come back to me when the fog clears up. Yes, at least for me, I start to remember everything as the fog clears up. Sometimes this may take a few hours and sometimes, a few days. Things start to get clearer slowly but the exhaustion from the braindead-ness takes quite long to settle.

I’m feeling a little bit better today – less clouding of thoughts for sure and my eyes are able to focus better. Now, before I lose track of everything again, it’s time to stop looking at the phone screen.