Our Rose + Marjoram blend is back!

Our botanic oils are carefully handcrafted using organic sweet almond and jojoba oil + essence of rose and marjoram and embellished with organic dried rose petals. The #roseplusmarjoram blend is all about self-love and also works well as body moisturizer. Add it to your meditation practice and enjoy its healing and grounding effect, or simply rub a few drops between your palms when needed. It’s perfect for your heart chakra and helps to calm the nervous system.

Each bottle is made to order so please allow 10-12 days for it to be ready.
Price: SGD 33/50ml. Only available in Singapore.

 💌To order, email hello@manntra.co💌

We’re currently taking orders for the month of April. #roseplusmarjoram #infused #ManntraOils

INFUSED, by Manntra

I took my first perfume mixing class when I was 10. I remember making perfumes in beautiful bottles and attaching a tiny hand-made greeting card along with it. From what I recollect, it was probably the first time I started saving up in my little brown pouch. In my perfume mixing class, I learnt what sort of fragrances and essential oils go together and I started experimenting with some combinations of my own. I’m not sure what happened and I sort of forgot about oils for a while. Maybe I was meant to focus on something else. Much later while figuring out a pain management plan for EDS, I started mixing various oils (all over again) to help me in different situations, be it physical pain, mental stress, fatigue, sleeplessness or hyperfocus.

I personally love using oils as a part of my self-care ritual and Ayurveda routine and have seen how certain blends have helped me greatly. Combining my childhood perfume making knowledge + my understanding of oils over the last few years of reading and research, I wanted to share some of these blends with the rest of the world.

So…Here’s introducing INFUSED, by Manntra.co

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Rose + Marjoram | Body Oil

My very first mixture is a unique blend of Rose + Marjoram. This is a natural infusion of pure and organic ingredients, Rose + Marjoram + sweet almond & grapeseed carrier oil, embellished with visually soothing, dried red and pink rose petals. Rose is known for its uplifting and healing properties and marjoram for its general warming effect. Both are natural nervines (medicine for the nerves) – rose helps to calm the nervous system while marjoram helps to strengthen it. This combination also helps with muscle fatigue and restlessness. Rose + Marjoram is a great tonic for the heart-center and shouts nothing but love – love of all kinds & all things love.


  1. Antidepressant
  2. Antispasmodic
  3. Antiseptic
  4. Nervine – calming effect on the nervous system
  5. Utterly Romantic <3


  1. Warming effect & improves circulation
  2. Antispasmodic
  3. Cephalic – Fuels the brain and relieves headache
  4. Nervine – strengthens the nervous system

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From the samples that I gave out, the 3 most common words I received as description for this oil were – love, nurturing and uplifting – and believe it or not, that is exactly what I wanted to hear! I was going ckASJhgfihasfhkwhfkjankdam from inside, feeling extremely giggly and excited.


Each infusion is made to order, so please allow at least 12 business days for it to be ready. It will be carefully hand-crafted, with much love, patience and care from me :) You might be reminded of a snow globe from your childhood when you receive one of these – beautiful golden-amber oil with pretty rose petals floating around – it’s magical to look at!

As of now, I’m only taking orders over email – hello@manntra.co

50 ml – SGD28

Payment will be via Paypal

You can also call me at +65 97163976 for more information.

I’ve got more blends coming up soon, but until then, treat yourself to some much needed self-care and have your mind and body thank you for your time and love ❤︎

❊ Important note – This oil is not suitable for anyone with allergies to nuts. Other options will be available soon!