I thought this piece turned out pretty alright considering that I’ve got one hand in a sling and didn’t use any measuring tools.

I could only manage making the outer circle with a compass — trying to deal with measuring tools when your arms and back are killing you can be a huge challenge (#pastmemories).

I’m going as free-hand as possible till then which is fine as it gives me more practice and takes away unnecessary physical stress at the moment. I’d love to give this another shot once I start to feel better. 🌞🌙

“She was like the moon — part of her was always hidden away.” – Dia Reeves


I enjoy making my mandalas as free-hand as possible. Unless I’m making it for someone or teaching a class, I don’t quite bother with guidelines too much. Once you get a hang of it, you intuitively know what to do next. Each one of us knows it and we get better with practice (honestly, I don’t think practice needs to make perfect. If practice makes better, that’s perfect in its own way). There’s barely any “planning” required if really just go with the flow. The best part about making mistakes (if that’s what you want to call them in the first place) while creating patterns is realising that you have the ability to fix them without having to go back. Without erasing or undoing. You adapt, you figure out ways to enhance what you have and work with it.

This is probably the first time I’m posting one of my handmade motifs on Instagram – I don’t usually do this but I felt really inspired to share one of my artworks after seeing a few people share their creations lately. Patterns have some sort of a therapeutic effect on me ✨Each time I hold a marker and start creating, I enter a different world altogether – a world where I’m just with myself – except there is no conversation happening, nothing at all. Thoughts and emotions come up and they just simply pass by. They just pass through my mind. They don’t disturb me, they just say hello and leave. Time does fly while you’re in a space with yourself, doing what comes to you naturally. Sometimes it’s a good option over journaling. #handmade #motifs #patterns #artwork #design #mytapestory