Sour Cream + Sun-dried Tomatoes paste + Black Pepper on a Brown Rice + Chia Seeds cake. So freaking delicious!


Energy Balls 

My friend and I decided to make these hoping that perhaps its ingredients list was enticing enough to make me hungry. Besides, since I’ve been feeling very low on energy too, we thought one energy ball might suffice for the times I totally can’t stand any other food.

Unfortunately, I’m starting on a new batch of medicines today and have some dietary restrictions to follow. Hence, I decided to pack these up and give them away to my friends and family instead.

Really simple ingredients and super easy to make.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Pitted dates (1/3 cup)
  2. Fresh raspberries (1/2 cup)
  3. Shredded coconut (3/4 cup)
  4. Any nut butter of your choice (1/4 cup)
  5. Raw almonds (1/2 cup)

All you have to do is put all these ingredients into a blender, one at a time, give it a nice final blend and that’s it – roll out tiny balls out of this blended mixture, coat them with more shredded coconut and refrigerate for about 30 minutes before serving.

Gut feeling? 

I’m at a point where by I need and don’t need food at the same time. I need food because I think it doesn’t make sense to go on an empty stomach all day and I don’t need food because I just can’t seem to get it down my throat.

For the next few days while I continue taking the supplements and some plant-based medicines that my Naturopath has put me on, I’ve been told very specifically to stay off gluten, dairy and raw salads (in fact, anything raw except green juice or coconut juice). I don’t think I’m particularly going to miss gluten and dairy much anywa. I attempted adding coconut milk in my coffee and I’m still figuring out what I think of it.

Since rice is supposed to be one of the easiest grains to digest, I’ve been told to attempt having at least a couple of spoons of porridge. Honestly, just the thought itself of putting any form of carbohydrates in my tummy is so revolting at this point. But because I do need some emergency food, I’ve made myself some steamed garlic vegetables and soft basmati rice, for when and if I feel hungry. I also managed to make a yellow moong dal which is also very light on your digestive system.

My exhaustion seems to be getting worse for some reason. I remember coming back home from my long day out after meeting my Naturopath and feeling completely drained out. Totally battery flat, feeling like I ran a marathon. Technically, running between two clinics and a pharmacy could be considered a marathon for me. I surely have to watch if this (extra) fatigue gets worse over the next few days. I won’t be surprised if all of it has to do with my loss of appetite. My gut feeling is that my gut isn’t feeling too well at all.

I wish I could say that my joints are fine while my digestive system is losing balance. Well, my right knee is swollen and poofy, probably just from walking and it hurts deep in the joint. I’ve also developed a small bruise around my right knee for absolutely no reason and the pain from it seems very deep as well. And because my right knee is not doing well, both my back and glutes are killing me.  I hope I’m able to stick to my walking because the last thing anyone wants is more loss of movement while figuring out their digestive system. Where is my appetite anyway?!!??

Lunch-time salad

  1. Yellow capsicum
  2. Red capsicum
  3. Purple cabbage
  4. Sautéed onions
  5. Lemon Chicken (I cheated today and got it from an Asian eatery near by. That’s allowed when you’re really tired)
  6. Homemade Spicy Garlic Cream sauce (all fresh ingredients!)
  7. Roasted Sesame seeds
  8. Base of Greens and Herbs

Breakfast Popsicles

Experimented with breakfast Popsicles today! Whole point behind trying this was that I don’t feel like having breakfast these days – my stomach doesn’t want food, I have to eat in order to take my tablets, and of course I want coffee or chai in the morning! Also, it’s a good change from your typical breakfast, no?

So, how about a cool breakfast Popsicles on a hot summer morning? Sounds perfect to me! Think about it, if you can have overnight oats, why can’t you have your coffee and breakfast in the form of a Popsicle? :) 

(It’s all good… Except, I ended up using dairy instead of a nut milk. Let’s see how my stomach takes that!)

List of things you’d need: 

  1. Rolled oats (GF free)
  2. Peanut butter (Natural please)
  3. Organic dark cocoa
  4. Good quality coffee or instant coffee (whatever!)
  5. Honey or Coconut sugar (low GI) – I usually don’t need my food too sweet so I just use sugar sparingly. You can always adjust.
  6. Chia seeds
  7. Milk or Nut milk

First layer – Peanut butter and oats + milk. Keep it chunky

Second layer – Organic dark chocolate + coffee + honey

Third layer – Chia seeds + milk. Let it sit for a while till it plumps up before using. This layer will sink right to the bottom.

Add layers into a Popsicle mold and freeze for approximately 4-6 hours. Enjoy :)

With a multi-systemic disorder like EDS comes a very moody digestive system. I’ve always been such a breakfast person and for the last 5 months, I’ve been waking up not wanting to eat anything all. I don’t remember the last time I made myself a proper breakfast and enjoyed it like I used to. Not eating anything doesn’t work because there are so many pills to take and I end up forcing myself a little bit. Sometimes I skip breakfast (not by choice but because my body just doesn’t want it) completely and wait for lunch, hoping I’d be hungry enough. Like today. I’ve got more pills for later and it wouldn’t have made sense to go without eating any further so I made myself a decently heavy salad.

Let’s see, what do I have here…

  1. Baby Carrots
  2. Purple Cabbage
  3. Yellow Capsicum
  4. Sesame Soy Tofu
  5. Roasted Garlic Chicken
  6. Base of Greens and Herb Mix

And over the weekend, I made an Asian style peanut sauce  with spices and herbs too. To make life easier, I used natural peanut butter as the base. It turned out perfect!

This looks like a bouquet on my plate!

Garbanzo Beans With Spinach

This is one easy-peasy recipe with simple ingredients and it requires barely 10 minutes to prepare!

Garbanzo beans contain high levels of Vitamin A, B and C and  have anti-inflammatory properties.FullSizeRender-2 They’re a great source of protein, especially if you’re a vegetarian. I’ve never been that much of a  meat-eater so it works well for me too. A couple of things to keep in mind while working with garbanzo beans, or any beans for that matter – First, beans are known to cause gastric so it’s important to that they are soaked and cooked well. You can always search “How to cook beans the right way”. You could also just use canned garbanzo beans if you’re okay with preservatives etc. Second, for the same reason, it’s  recommended that we eat beans with a good portion of vegetables, preferably lots of greens. I like to use more spinach than garbanzo beans in this recipe because I love greens. Third, if possible, eat only one protein in same meal as each protein requires a specific type and strength of digestive juices.

I’m constantly looking for ways to reduce the number of steps involved in my cooking… even if it’s by a couple. Trust me, even that helps. Peeling and chopping garlic was always an effort; especially when I needed it to be finely chopped. Holding a little clove of garlic down onto a chopping board and then using a knife to chop the clove up (that’s just one clove!) would get too stressful on my fingers and wrist. I first came across pre-peeled garlic a few months back, which was great for the time being, but not enough to make things really easy. Just a few weeks back however, I found a small pack of raw chopped garlic and THAT was it! It made my life much easier. Plus, it stores well in a refrigerator for about two weeks.

Another thing I do is to use a pair scissors to cut (chop) up chillies or sometimes even the leafy vegetables. Whether I use a knife or a pair of scissors really depends on the joints are hurting that day and my exhaustion level – sometimes I find that using a scissors is in fact easier  than using a knife while sometimes I feel washing one less of an item is worth it!

Here’s the recipe :


1 tablespoon chopped garlic

1 chopped red chili

1/2 cup spring onion

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard

1 cups soaked garbanzo beans

2 cup spinach leaves

1/2 teaspoon onion powder – I prefer using this to fresh onions in some recipes

1 tablespoon olive oil

Salt to taste

Juice of 1/2 a lime

Fried onion or parsley – optional


In a skillet, heat olive oil. Then, add chopped garlic, chopped red chili and cumin seeds, and sauté until garlic turns slightly brown. Next, add spring onions, garbanzo beans and lightly sauté till the beans are evenly coated. To that, add dijon mustard and mix well. Add spinach leaves, salt and cover for about 4 minutes. Do not add extra water; let the spinach cook in its own juices. Finally, squeeze in  lemon juice, add rest of the spring onion and garnish with fried onions or parsley.

Serve with toasted bread, brown rice or enjoy as is!