Happy to be slowly getting back to #Pilates after two months of doing no physical activity whatsoever and allowing my back to #rest.
The latest #disc injury, on top of the existing disc bulge has been harder to manage and has me made me re-design my entire #pain #management plan all over again.

It’s not been easy at all, but it’s been yet another phase of #learning to do what’s right for my #body in this moment and #accepting it for what it is along the way.
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Acupuncture Once Again!

The last time I tried acupuncture and cupping was sometime in 2011. My left shoulder was still causing me a lot of pain even after an open surgery on it some 6-8 months before that. I was told that my recovery period was abnormal and no one new why. I had no clue what was happening to my body and was frantically going around trying anything and everything to experience just ONE day of painless-ness. Nothing worked and no one knew why.

We had no idea where this was heading.

My first experience with acupuncture wasn’t good at all – it didn’t help in anyway and it would make me feel exhausted all the time. I used to go for two sessions in a week and be in bed with a fever the rest of the days. After a point I thought it was time to stop.

Just a couple of weeks back, I decided it was time to give it another shot. I decided to open my mind up once again and just see what happens. You know how timing plays a big role sometimes? Lots of new changes are happening around me at the moment and this seemed like something to try again. I’ve had three sessions till now and they’ve been alright. I don’t have much to say about it yet I guess so I’ll just wait to see how things turn out.

This time, one of the major reasons for me to continue with acupuncture is the Doctor that I’m seeing. We can communicate in English and she’s been very very kind and patient with me. I actually understand what she’s doing to my body and I like that. I want to feel like a part of this entire healing process. I like to have a little bit of that responsibility and empowerment. It’s my health after all. And this women, she explains. She listens. She asks questions. She wants to know details and she wants to tell you more.

2012 was different – I wanted to be fixed and I didn’t care how that happened. I needed someone to ‘fix’ my broken body. I didn’t think I had much of a role to play..

I’ve read (and I’m seeing that) what a great difference it can make to have a supportive healthcare team, so at least for the next couple of weeks till I develop a new pain-management plan for myself, I’ll continue to see her. It’s all about trail-and-error at the end of the day. I’m at a point where I may be making big shifts again and really, everything that’s happening seems to be suggesting the same.
I’m excited to see what comes next.

Until I’m able to write next time,

Lots and lots of love,