Back to a little bit of work :) Sketched out a few ideas for the cover of One Day At A Time. It’s going to be made out of Faux leather and the very first copies will either be #White, #Magenta or #Teal. That’s right, it has to be one of the #Manntra colours!

This is probably the first time I’m posting one of my handmade motifs on Instagram – I don’t usually do this but I felt really inspired to share one of my artworks after seeing a few people share their creations lately. Patterns have some sort of a therapeutic effect on me ✨Each time I hold a marker and start creating, I enter a different world altogether – a world where I’m just with myself – except there is no conversation happening, nothing at all. Thoughts and emotions come up and they just simply pass by. They just pass through my mind. They don’t disturb me, they just say hello and leave. Time does fly while you’re in a space with yourself, doing what comes to you naturally. Sometimes it’s a good option over journaling. #handmade #motifs #patterns #artwork #design #mytapestory