when i find myself bedridden once in a while, the one thing i still struggle with is letting myself rest without guilt. i’ve come a long way in terms of allowing myself grace when my body is not doing well but when a flare continues for over a week or two, the feelings of guilt need to attended to.

what has helped me is to look at the concept of rest differently. i was subconsciously programmed to think that sleep was for losers and to work while others rested, but as my body started falling apart and resting became imperative to my health, i started seeing how resting when needed + scheduling rest days into my planner just as i would a doctor’s appointment was more like an investment.

the more i become okay with doing less, the more i could take on physically. the more i prioritised needed rest, like one needs food or shelter, the more i could focus on other priorities. try to do the math yourself and see how if you made peace with resting now, you’d recover and return to things you wish to do sooner.

p.s. i’m going for my MRI later today. it’ll confirm if there’s any new injury due to my recent fall and if medical attention is needed. if not, I’ll peacefully continue with my usual action plan of rest, recovery and rehabilitation until i’m back on my feet again.


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