It seems I’ve caught a stomach bug, no idea where, when and how. It’s not like I have been eating out or eating anything raw.

So the bug, along with my existing SIBO symptoms became a little much for my body to handle, especially since I haven’t been too well anyway given the stress of recent transition. I had to be rushed to the hospital two days back because my fever shot up and I was shivering violently, so much so I could barely speak or hold my phone. It’s 40 degrees here and I was wearing 3 thick layers + wrapped in a thick blanket, had my socks on and yet it wasn’t enough.

They gave me an injection and called for some blood work. Blood work showed that both my red and white blood cell count was abnormally low but for understandable reasons. For now, we just need to observe and see how things go. I’ve been put on two strong antibiotics + other medicines for management of the gut symptoms and fever.

Gosh. April has been INTENSE. I had two wisdom teeth extracted, then a massive allergy attack, followed by a great fall in the bathroom and now a flare of SIBO + a stomach infection. I’m terribly fatigued and disoriented. Fever, nausea and stomach cramps keep me falling in and out of sleep. I’m feeling weak as hell, especially after a couple of palpitation episodes.

Again, if this was a few years back, I’d have been a total wreck; not just physically but mentally + emotionally too. Of course it’s not easy to deal with so much all at once but what I know from the last nine.five years is that it gets easier when you’re on the same team as your body. Extremely thankful for the love and support of my physiotherapist, my friend Rohan, dad and my family’s ex-helper who happened to be around.

While I completely support the idea of living as independently as possible even when we’re chronically ill, I also know that there are and will be times we just need extra help to manage our health and we must learn to ask for it.

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