Morning ritual✨

Day four of not leaving home and spending most of my time in bed. I slipped and fell in the bathroom last Sunday. Thankfully, no dislocations or major injuries (I’m guessing) but my body is in a bit of shock. My right side took the most impact, mainly my hip, my right knee, elbow and wrist. As expected, there’s some bruising and inflammation around the impacted areas and there is a deep ache in the surrounding muscles which doesn’t seem to reduce no matter what.

In the last three weeks, I’ve had two wisdom teeth extracted, a terrible allergy attack and then a fall in bathroom. All in all, pain is out the roof, fatigue is at its worst and all that gives me a bit of relief is using ice packs, staying horizontal as much as possible and doing my rituals to remain sane. I’m a strong believer of having personal rituals to remain grounded through the unpredictability of life. I’ve got soooo many things coming up from next week! It’s bloody exciting!

As usual, I’m practising being as present as possible, which means really grounding myself into what is NOW and taking it one hour at a time. I’m giving myself what I call “forceful rest” where I make sure to rest even if I don’t want to. I don’t want to because my mind doesn’t want to. It always wants to do more.

When I go into the “forceful rest” mode, I make sure I listen to the needs of my body and let everything else adjust accordingly. I’ve noticed that for me to recover from unexpected trauma like that, rest and sleep is of utmost importance.

Thank you for reading!

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