Whole moong dal + tempered onion and chilli

Today I wanted to make something that is ultra nourishing and satisfying. My taste buds needed a bit of familiarity from simple spices and ingredients but I didn’t want to (mostly dislike to) go overboard with them.

I made this delicious, creamy whole moong dal, invited a friend for lunch and also figured I must share the recipe on my profile. It’s so simple I could make it with my terribly painful left arm.

🌿Boil whole green moong dal in a pressure cooker with extra water for a softer consistency.

🌿Once cooked, transfer the dal into a saucepan with 1 tsp of ghee, butter or oil (if you’re vegan or prefer it) and browned cumin seeds. Add a piece of ginger, 1/2 a green chilli and salt. 🌿Stir, adjust water and boil further until smooth. Transfer the dal into a serving bowl.

🌿In a temerping pan, add 1 tsp ghee (or any preferred oil), finely sliced onion, rest of the green chilli. Add a pinch of asafoetida. Once the onion starts to brown, pour this mixture onto the dal and garnish with fresh coriander.

🌿Serve with rice, bread of your choice or as is.


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