Going to continue shoulder and lower body strengthening from today. My physiotherapist will be assisting me through my exercises and then doing some trigger point release for me. The best part of it is that we’ll be doing all the exercises in the comfort of my own space. That way, I can skip the traveling and the dreadful exhaustion that comes with it. The bumpy roads here don’t help. I can feel my joints rattling on the insides of my body. Not fun.

I’ll be starting out real slow but that’s okay because starting somewhere is better than not starting at all.

It’s been ages since I could stick to a regular routine of pilates. My body has very obviously deconditioned over the last year and half, especially since the onset of SIBO (March 2016) and the back inflation episode (Jan 2017) that got me bedridden for more than 6 months. It only continued to decondition further over the last 8 months as my focus turned to getting through the move.

That said, this move and transition would have been way more stressful had this been a few years back.

At the moment, my shoulder still needs to be supported with a sling. Over the weekend, I tried relying less on the sling and more on my own muscles but that didn’t go too well.

This week, I’m going to turn my focus to slowing down consciously; to bringing my attention to the present and going one hour at a time if necessary. My safe place is safe. I am safe. I can breathe now.

Happy Monday, all! ❤️

#physiotherapy #pilates #strengthening #shoulder #sublaxations #dislocations #ehlersdanlos #chronicillness #ehlersdanlossyndrome #rare #illness #strength


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