SIBO friendly : Easy Indian Spiced Chicken


Red chilli powder (I’m not allowed to have too much do I put less than half teaspoon)

Turmeric powder

Ginger powder (you can use fresh ginger)

Cumin powder

Lemon juice

Salt + crushed black pepper

Fresh coriander (for marinade and garnishing)

Olive oil/Coconut oil

Method: Clean the chicken, put all the ingredients and marinade well and place it in the refrigerator overnight.

Pan-fry in olive or coconut oil, skin side down, until cooked. You could also cover it for a few minutes to help with cooking.

I think it tasted as good as it could without ingredients like onions/onion powder, garlic, extra red chilli powder for more heat, yogurt etc which go in when I usually make it. I could do with this for now.