When you’re experiencing a flare up or are finding it hard to function, you need to ask yourself whether you need a complete pause or just need to pace yourself.

Last week I realized I needed a complete pause and so I have that to myself. I can’t say it made things any better but I’m very sure it would’ve been a lot worse had I not given myself that permission to rest.

This week, I still need to keep some things on  hold but I want to get through my sessions of Pilates, which ultimately add to helping me feel stronger again.

Knowing that my arms are still weak and in so much pain, the only way about was to take frequent breaks to get through even the most basic of chores like dressing, bathing, getting ready for Pilates etc. I started getting ready for my Pilates session about four hours in advance and tried to squeeze a nap in between.

My goal this week would be to practice being more presebt than, focus on activities that help me feel better and most importantly, pace myself through everything I choose to do.


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