Had a terrible experience at the hospital today – I had to wait for some 4 hours to complete a breath test, which required me to blow into a bag every one hour. I knew the procedure but little did I know that they won’t have a place for you to rest while you wait.

Perhaps next time I’ll have to ask in more detail, though I really thought that the full test will be carried out more professionally. I can’t be waiting around at the hospital, just sitting on a couch that looks comfortable to everyone else. When your spine is causing you pain which makes you wonder how you’re even alive (I know, doesn’t show on my face or the last few photos I posted) and you don’t get a place to just lie down, you want to cry. The thought of lying down on the floor did cross my mind a couple of times. The only reason I dumped that idea was because I would’ve had a difficult time standing right up again. If I can’t sit, walk for too long or stand much and I just need to lie down, are you seriously telling me that you don’t have a bed for me?

The only option I was given was to pay $50/hour for a bed at the A&E.

Thankfully, I am done with it and I’m back home resting in my own bed. I’m looking forward to my Physiotherapy session later – I don’t think I need anything more than that at this point in my life. The last thing I want is for today’s experience to get me bedbound again for more days to come. It’s time to rest up, recover and try to get back on my feet again by this evening. So glad that I had the energy to get through last night with my friends – couldn’t have asked for a better evening 🙏🏼✨

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  1. Things look like no big deal to others are such huge challenges to some :( I am sorry for what you went through.

    In India it often happens that I find the whole process of consultation or investigation more challenging than the problem I am dealing with. Here in Europe where I am at present, If I were to go for more treatment options – walk to PTs, go to the swimming pool, and the like, taking the bus and walking more than I already am for daily chores – I simply would end up crashing very very badly.

    I once was traveling by the bus, and a big crowd of teens got it. So I had to somehow squeeze through them to get to the door, all the while when the bus is swerving and going full speed. So I was already on the verge of tears from pain (it was a bad day and a bad phase) and to top it, the bus driver didn’t stop although I had pressed the stop request button! So finally he stopped at the next stop, 400 – 500 m away. And I had to walk all the way back, and as I walked tears rolled down unstoppably. What made me the most miserable was that after reaching the group I was going to, I could not explain to anyone how such a trivial thing had made me so upset like this (I couldn’t stop the crying for some time).


    1. I so understand you. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience too – I suppose most of us will have a similar story to tell which no body else will really get.

      I’m in India at the moment and it’s been such an experience! I’ve been having a physiotherapist come over (that too, everyday) so I can skip the traveling. I can’t stand the traffic and the uneven roads – it’s just so hard on my body. A twenty minutes ride shouldn’t do much to anyone but it practically gets people like us bed-bound for days.

      I barely use the Public Transport even in Singapore. I have to spend on cabs and uber to get me around or I try to walk whenever possible. I’ve had some terrible experience on the bus and train too.

      Is there a way I could get in touch with you?
      You could drop me an email at mdalvi15@me.com

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