What a day today has been! 

Got up with a 6/10 brain fog and it only got worse and hit a 9/10. I bought myself a scone and gave the cashier a receipt instead of money. It took me a long and confused stare from the cashier and 20 seconds to realize it. I also ate peanut butter for lunch, which is unlike me. But food is food when your brain is down. And I had a crazy sugar low so I got myself an ice-cream. Very unlike me too. 

This is what a brain fog does…. You don’t know what sort of choices you’re making because your brain stops working normally. Did I mention that I went grocery shopping and realized I hadn’t made a list? So I walked aimlessly in the store for about 20 minutes, looking at nothing in particular. Yep. Happens too. 

Even with a disoriented brain, I can say that I am grateful for all the love, support and guidance in my life at this very moment. Thank you to everyone who is in my life and who is not – in one way or the other, you’ve added to or subtracted from the person I am today and I’ve grown to be a human being altogether. There are lessons behind our experience and no time is ever wasted. My evening reassured me that I am on the right path. 

I am here to do what I can do, with what I’ve got and I’ll continue to do it.

#brainfog #disorientation #EDS #HMS #elhersdalnos #hypermobility #pain #suffering #choices #faith #purpose #onedayatatime #gratitude #support #love #journey #path #trust #universe #love #service #chronicillness #rare #illness #disorder #movingforward #chronicillnessfighter #chronicillnesswarrior


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