An update on where I am at today:

1) In March 2016, I took up a part-time job in order to do my part, to support myself (to the best of my ability) while other things fall into place. It was back in October 2015 when I made this decision, partly because the circumstances called for it and largely because I knew it would take me one step forward. I’m sharing this today because I’ve made it through 3 months and am still hopeful about continuing.

2) Before January of 2016, I had no clear idea on how insurance really worked. I was always curious and had many questions, though I never got a chance to find out more. Let’s just say, for reasons which can’t be stated. I had to take it for what it was until a day came when it was time to re-apply for an insurance. This time, considering the fact that I am ‘chronically sick’. Here I am today, figuring it all out by myself, going through all the application process and trying to prove, even though I have a big file full of reports and letters as evidence, that I need a good coverage.

3) I went through a much draining process of renewing my PR status and I’m so happy and relived to share that my #faith won over the negativity that was build around this whole topic. I’m extremely #grateful for the extended & renewed status and I’m also expecting a much greater change in the near future which could potentially open more doors for me.

4) While all this has been keeping me very busy and taking a huge chunk of my energy, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying putting together and conducting new classes. To be honest, I wish I could do even more and work towards my dreams of making a difference out there. The fact is, reality demands something else out of me right now & I can’t go any faster. It’s never a question about lack of creativity or determination; it’s about physical ability/limitations. I think there are many valid reasons to slow down but I don’t see a reason to stop.

5) And of course, I have been very committed towards my full-time job of self-care 💕

There’s so much I wish to write about each of these points… I’ll just leave it for some other time.

Good day, all!


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