Right Knee Update [3]

My right knee still isn’t doing well and I still need my walking cane to even walk around my apartment. I wasn’t expecting it to take this long! I’ve been home over the last 8-10 days and I’m just waiting to be able to get my to my usual routine. I’m still in so much pain, like deep muscular ache and that one point where the shelf hit my knee cap still hurts like pure crap.

Here’s a good news though – I haven’t shattered my knee cap or fractured anything. It looks pretty alright in the X-rays.

So you’d wonder, why the heck are you in so much pain?

Let me explain. Our rare bodies have a tendency to get bruised easily. That’s just how it is. Impact from any hit, even if it wasn’t as strong for a normal person, can feel like someone shoved a knife in us and left it there. On top of that kind of sharp and deep pain, thanks to our faulty collagen, healing and recovery takes forever. Like I’m not even exaggerating.

F O R E V E R.

The normal response of our bodies, after an impact, is to stiffen and tighten and freak out… which leads to our muscles literally contracting and turning rock solid. Which, by the way, doesn’t help one bit. Contraction of muscles only makes our original injury worse and more painful as it tends to exert extra pressure around an area that is hurt.

I would think if someone else got hit the way I did, they would have been perfectly fine by now, continuing with life, jumping and hopping around and training for a triathlon if they wished. My body on the other hand is  trying to do what it can do to keep me in one full piece that I wish to be in. It is keeping me in bed and demanding a lot more rest than usual. It’s unfortunate that the pain is still killing me but I’m very well aware that it’s a matter of time. Because I know my body only needs extra time and rest, I think I’m willing to be patient with it. My specialist wants me to go for more physiotherapy and  deep tissue massage (manual therapy works well with my body so I’m up for this! ) which can help release those horribly tight muscles around my knee. My quads hurt. My calf hurts. My bum hurts. My foot hurts. Basically, my entire right leg is just having a sickening flare up. 

Thankfully, I’ve pre-booked appointments with my temporary physiotherapist and massage therapist and don’t have to worry about being put on a waiting list this time.  Life turns into hell if you are injured and can’t have your regular physiotherapy sessions. I’m serious.

Now, did I mention how fatigued I’ve been lately? No? That’s fine, I’m too fatigued to type.