Right Knee Update [2]

 Alright, unfortunately, my right knee isn’t doing as well as I thought. Turns out, it might need even longer and I’m also not entirely sure what’s going on.

I’m in pain and it seems to be spreading into my right thigh, up my back, down my right calf into my toes. My leg feels heavy and I can see that my body is really trying hard to hold everything in place. The left side of my body is trying to compensate and getting tired as well. All the surrounding muscles have tightened up and that’s naturally adding to the pain too.

Vicious cycle which doesn’t help.

Knowing my body, waiting it out without getting it checked is just not wise. I’ve been taking anti-inflammatory tablets to help with the swelling and inflammation, I’m mostly at home and resting, still icing it, have it taped up and doing whatever that’s in my control. As I said, though the hit wasn’t that bad altogether, its impact could have been quite significant on my body internally.

I’m going to give it till Monday to see if it gets any better if not I’m off to see my knee specialist and he might run me through some tests and scans. Just about a week back and till this incident took place, I was doing pretty alright, learning to manage my body along with the new additions 2016 has introduced into my life.

But. Well. Life. Had. Other. Plans.

Perhaps it’s a reminder to go even slower. Yep, slower than the rate I’m going at, which is pretty slow anyway.  I must take it for what it is today. And today I can’t do much about it except tend to it. Tomorrow might be different and I’ll look at tomorrow tomorrow.

I wish everyone a very happy long weekend. Rest your body if you’re tired, give it what it needs while it whispers to you. Don’t let it scream at you, please.

Lots of love,