Right Knee Update [1]

Thank you everyone! I truly appreciate all the love and kindness I’ve received from all of you. Thank you especially to those who called and messaged to check on me. I was in bed last night for three hours straight, icing my knee and releasing the tightness around it and just holding myself in place. I also manage to tape my knee up and put a guard on just to make sure it doesn’t shift in sleep. Got up this morning feeling super drained out, as if I ran a marathon last evening.

On a normal day, I’m already using a considerable amount of energy to hold myself up, given the nine degenerative and unstable joints I have. A small incident like last night’s requires even more out of me and my entire body. The good thing is that I am able to stand up and walk around today, albeit slower than usual and with a cane for support, but it is still manageable.

Thank goodness it’s nothing major and just seems like a slight amount of internal bruising. With EDS, it’s easy to hurt and bruise yourself as you can’t always gauge when what goes wrong. The impact does a lot more harm and you experience a significant amount of pain as compared to someone else in the same situation. As usual, one can’t always tell the effect on skin level, but turn out bodies inside out and you’ll see what a magnificent mess it can be :) Anyway, it’s a matter of a few days … lots of extra rest and care, usual pain management and being kind to my body and I will be up and about again.


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