Right Knee [shelf incident live]

It’s unbelievable even now, at least a bit still, that just ten minutes back, you’re chatting with your best friend, working on your business and happy about your day and now, just ten minutes later… You’re in bed, with an ice pack over your badly bruised knee.
I was just sitting on my office chair and i tried to scoot in and hit my right knee against a shelf and that was it. I’m pretty sure that my knee cap had a mini sublaxation in that fraction of a second. That impact, that pain… Was intense… Is intense.. And I was there… Stuck on my chair for ten minutes,tears rolling down my eyes, unable to move, wondering how to reach for my ice packs which were at least a twenty steps away.

Thank goodness my walking cane was right next to me and I managed to get myself up, grab my ice packs and get to my bed. Your body has its ways of reminding you that you aren’t dreaming. This is real. All of it. Every single day.
I’m resting it out for now. I’ll figure out what to do next very soon. It all depends on how well I’m able to weight bear once I attempt to get up. I think ill be fine… Maybe not today or tomorrow… But soon.

If you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal?”, then all I can say is that it is worth educating yourself about the “big deal” that it can be. Think about it… If you’re capable of dislocating your joints without any trauma/accident and experience pain 24/7, you imagine what a slight impact can even do.

I’ve had my shoulder move out of place when someone at college bumped into me. I’ve had my knee caps, shoulders, back and neck experience the worst kind of impact in a mini car accident. So many more of such incidents and they were all a huge deal.

Things go wrong while you’re at home, doing the most basic of things. I’ve had my shoulder move out while washing my hair, my wrist move out while brushing, I’ve had my right shoulder move out of place from just opening my fridge, my knees giving away from sitting on the floor, my back has its flare ups almost every day from “too much” walking or sitting… and the list just goes on.

I never really post about such incident live but I thought I’d do it with the last few spoons I’ve got for the day. My energy is down to zero from just trying to hold myself together physically. Bear with me if my thoughts are all over the place right now. Just wanted to share this experience as it just happened and I still find myself wondering how ridiculously unpredictable life can be when you’re dealing with something so rare.

Goodnight everyone


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