I can’t move. I’m fatigued out of my mind. 

I’m in pain. My feet are icy cold. 

The weakness is taking over me bit by bit. 

I’m in need of rest. A long, peaceful rest. 

I need to just let it all sink in. 

I needed this certainty so badly. 

Even though I stayed strong, the external stress I had to deal with was unbelievable. None of it was mine and yet at times I’d find myself wondering, “What if negativity won over the trust I have been creating for myself?”

 I am SO relieved today. 

Trust won over fear. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!✨ I can now just let myself be fatigued, rest and breathe and get ready for all the new things life has planned for me. It’s a new beginning and it doesn’t get any easier from here. I just have some space to breathe now, to figure it all out one step at a time, and that’s exactly what was required.