On some days, I just do not want to follow any kind of structure. Nothing at all. It just annoys me to make certain things a particular way – as if it just has to be the way it is and we have to restrict our power of imagination.

Today, I started off with beautiful black and white hand-drawn circles, which I wanted to make into a mandala but as I worked on each ring, I started feeling more and more bothered about how neat it has (or rather, how neat I want it to be) to be blah, blah .. Blah blah. I’m always telling people in my class to let go and not plan every single detail, to not get bogged down by the need to be perfect… And there I was doing the exact opposite, when I didn’t quite feel like it.Trying to make it perfect when I really just wanted it to be imperfect. I want to just let go today.

I don’t generally plan out or measure out every detail of my hand-drawn stuff anyway. I’ve realized it stresses my brain and body out so I usually just do a rough gauge and intend it to turn out well but to really really really NOT care at all… That’s something for me.

So the next thing I know, I was using a ridiculously thick black marker, making swirls and waves and not caring which direction they turn towards, filling in orange for the leaves, adding pink and green into the waves, blue into the flowers, painting outside and drawing over and above lines and I seriously… Did not give what this turns into. And you know what? It felt good. Really good.

To not give a damn about the outcome and just do what you feel like doing at that moment in time feels really amazing at times. Especially when you’ve spent weeks and weeks just planning, working your ass off towards something, pushing yourself, used a lot of your brain cells… It feels good to not care once in a while.

We need to not care once in a while and just be.

We need to create more of such moments.

Happy Saturday, everyone! #breathe #letgo #whatever #patterns #zentagrams #zentangles #mandala #art #artwork #design #perfection #imperfection


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