6 years ago 

I could lift my arms up, to any height, hold them up for as long as I wanted to and I didn’t feel any sort of pain or discomfort

Well, I could stand for hours  ay Design school, get home and swim, hang out with my friends, work on my projects and not have to worry about not being able to get out of bed the next day

And of course, I could just bend at my knees  easily as and when, for as long as I want 

That’s Me.
Six years ago when my left shoulder was just a “one-off thing”, my health was already showing me signs but we thought they weren’t a big deal, I was still heading on the path of becoming an Interior Architect, teaching and choreographing Bollywood dance, swimming and kayaking used to make me feel alive, goals and success had a different definition altogether and I used to think making everyone else happy was the key to my happiness.I didn’t know what it was to be in pain twenty-four/seven. I can’t believe life had to put in so much effort to slow me down :)  SO much had to fall apart and indirectly fall in place for me to be where I am today – I’m able to look back and think and see the lessons I’ve learnt, the choices and decisions I’ve made, the friends who’ve stayed, the people I’ve come across in this mad journey, those who have inspired me to continue and have been inspired by me and I actually feel alright with how life has turned out. There’s still lots that needs to fall in place (and probably fall apart too) but I’ve realized there’s no race to run and that even if there is, it’s not the kind of race I’d like to be a part of anymore. There’s no tomorrow if you can’t live today. With some amount of direction in my mind, one day at a time is still my mantra and will be for the rest of my life. Six years (and counting for all the years to come) of fighting and struggling against my own health and body has made me who I am and is surely making me who I’d like to be. This is different and I’m okay with it being different now.


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