One Sip At A Time

photo_2016-01-10_14-19-49A few thoughts after yesterday’s class.

1. I am sure I’m not made for “real” work out there and have had to come to terms with it over last few years. To put things into perspective, if I’m only starting to do basic things for myself and if teaching a class of 2 hours or so was this harsh on my body, I don’t even want to imagine doing a full-time job.

2. As I said in the early posts of 2015, looking after my body is, has been and MUST continue to be my only full-time job. Nothing can be more important than self-care.

3. I do not want to lie and say that I am physically in a better position or that I am in less pain. Seriously, I wish I could say that some day. The truth is, I’m in a lot of pain (yes, still 24/7) and can’t ever ask my body to “hold on”. I don’t think the pain gets any easier on the body.

4. If anything, I’m stronger. I feel more empowered and that helps to deal with the pain. I’m learning to be okay with limitations and embrace possibilities. I’m trying to do more things and that itself is so liberating. I am pretty sure that if I continue to put my over-all #health first, my physical body will catch up at some point and I will find balance in my current and ever-changing body.

5. #Balance. It has to be my favourite word for the rest of my life. Balance, in every aspect.There is nothing worse than facing the consequences of over-doing, over-promising, over-thinking, over-expecting, over-anything.

6. #Patience. Finding what works takes a lot of time. Starting your business requires time. A lot of trial-and-error. All this takes longer when you’re dealing with an illness which causes you to be in debilitating pain 24/7. It’s important to be patient no matter how hard it gets. There will always be a number of reasons to rush, but you just need one reason to tell you to go slow – your body.

7. #Honesty. I have to be honest with myself and those around me. And honestly, the class was tiring and I’m in pain. It was fun and it took a toll on me. Fun doesn’t come easy for us I guess. You have to think about what you truly want and need, and keep making and changing plans accordingly.

All that said, it doesn’t mean you stop.

It means you embrace what is and take life One Sip At A Time.




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