Planning out a Personal Journal. 

I haven’t gotten into staging or styling my photographs too much yet, but in the moment that I realized I was sitting on my chair, planning out a personal journal, I had to take a photograph :) I am so happy with how my day turned out to be!


4 thoughts on “Planning out a Personal Journal. 

  1. So excited about the journal! On a different note, I have a request for you: I have a patient who struggles with her shoulder falling out of socket at night when she sleeps. The front of the shoulder is too loose so it tends to subluxate if her arm falls backward or sideways. Could you post any recommendations or photos on how she might tape her shoulder to prevent this? I’m thinking she should tape the front of shoulder but maybe you have some specific patterns that work for you? Thanks bendy sister!


    1. Hi! How are you doing today? Thanks a lot! :) I can’t wait for the day I can finally tell you that it’s ready!

      Ouch, I know. I struggle with multi-directional subluxation of my shoulder joints, so over the years, I’ve had to train myself to sleep on my back throughout the night, with lots of cushions around me to protect my joints. It’s not the most comfortable to sleep on the back for long, but personally, that’s the only position I’m left with so I try to make the most out of it with towels and extra pillows.

      I often need my shoulders taped too. My Physiotherapist and I have experimented with a few methods of taping and for sure, a couple of them provided greater support than the others. I don’t tape the shoulders myself because I find it hard to;especially since I’m already so bendy! Wouldn’t want to make it worse :) Besides, my symptoms keep changing so sometimes one method may work better than the other. I’d say it’s better to find a Therapist who is trained in Kinesio Taping and seek his/her advice. From my understanding, if the taping isn’t done right, it shows no effect at all. It’s just some sort of body art then! To be honest, I leave this bit to the Therapist mostly, though I have learnt a few easy methods of taping some joints in case of emergency.

      I would certainly love to provide some helpful links and information for specific methods and patterns that work for my shoulder instability. My back is in a very bad shape at the moment and need extra time off my computer. I’ll get to this in just a couple of days – does that work? :)

      Lots of love to you,


      1. Sounds great Manasi, then maybe I could study the techniques and teach her husband how to tape her. If you do post some links I’ll make sure to post a link back to your site to send some traffic your way. I have lots of hypermobile chronic pain patients who would be very interested in taping. Someday my husband will get certified in physiotaping so we can offer it at my office, but that’s a few years off. Thanks again, Medea.


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