I have declared a week’s break from Facebook for myself.

Have you people caught yourself aimlessly flipping through Facebook on your phone as if that application has some magical power over you which you just can’t escape ?

It’s very unlike me, but I caught myself doing that today and I knew it was time for a break. I sensed a hint of distraction strategy. What I probably need right now is a walk by the beach instead. The thing is, I don’t enjoy doing anything that captures my brain in such a way that I lose control over it myself. I’m learning to let go more these days but the last thing I’d like to let go of is the control I have over my mind. Today when I caught myself scrolling through Facebook with my brain absolutely dead, it didn’t seem right anymore. I’m going through a great deal of change at the moment and I do not want to be distracted from the feelings and emotions associated with this change. I want to feel every bit of it only so that I’m able to figure things out and rise above these emotions.

I’ve just started to build my routine all over again and I don’t need Facebook to be a part of it. It never was anyway and it doesn’t belong in there.  If I’m sitting there without any reason, “checking out” stuff on Facebook, then I know that’s exactly what I don’t need.

It’s time to really focus on being present and putting effort into things that will help me feel better; and week off Facebook sounds awesome! Besides, I’m just not a fan of Facebook.