New Place, New Sprain and Same Condition.

I’m going to keep this post really short;

One. Because I’m mentally and physically so tired from my recent move and I’m just all over the place right now and would need time to settle in, be at peace, bring myself together and be able to write anything.

Two. I bumped my left shoulder into the main gate of my friend’s apartment and that has caused an impact so bad that the pain is shooting up into my neck and down into my shoulder blade and the whole arm, including the last two fingers. It feels heavy and I can barely use it. No, a slight bump into a gate should NOT be causing so much pain to anyone.

Three. My left neck is sprained and no one knows why or how. Is it possible to just be walking down an aisle in a grocery store with nothing in your hands, and suddenly sprain your neck without any quick movements or jerks? Technically no. But yes. That’s what happened and within seconds, all the surrounding muscles turned rock solid. It was no where close to normal.  I can’t look to my right without experiencing an intensely  sharp pull on the left side of my neck; probably from the bottom of my head, around my ear, all the way down into my collar bone.

Hello, EDS!

With that, there isn’t much I’m able to do. Any form of slight movement on the left hurts me a lot. I had acupuncture today and unfortunately, she wasn’t able to release the tight muscles or get rid of that intense pain. I’ll see how I feel over the day. Sometime such treatments take a few hours to show effect.

I’m so fatigued and drained out. Last few weeks have been very challenging.

Well, at least I’m in my new place now and had already managed to move everything over before this happened!


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