Update: Lower Back Injury (1)

This pain is surely tiring me out and I’ve decided that I’ll monitor it for a few days more before seeing the Specialist. He will probably repeat what I’ve heard so many times before (that I need to pace myself, I need to slow down in life, I need to work on changing my lifestyle, that there is no solution to this at the moment, no cure no fix, that I need to learn to manage the pain, I have to find that right balance between resting and being active, that I need to break the pain cycle, I need to strengthen my back even more, keep building on my core, continue doing physiotherapy, make sure I get enough sleep, keep taking my medicines and slowly work on reducing them etc. etc. etc.) and that’s fine, or he’ll send me for another MRI to see if the bulge in my disc has gotten worse. Either ways, it’s not a bad idea to have it checked now that it’s been almost two weeks since the day it got injured.

I think I can tolerate the pain as long as it doesn’t start to give me a brain fog (it’s a common symptom for those with HMS/EDS) – which is starting to happen now. If I were to explain what that feels like I’d say that things around you start to slow down somewhat. It’s as if your environment goes on slow motion mode. Everything around becomes draggy. Imagine a fog inside of your brain. You lose clarity, there’s a lot of confusion. Your eyes almost hurt. Sometimes you develop a bad headache (I’m getting one right now). You basically get overstimulated from the pain and get sensitive and numb to everything around you at the same time. How does that happen? Well, your brain hurts from the heat around you and it makes you almost numb to everything else. It’s as if your brain puts a ‘no entry’ sign to any kind of new information because it has reached its maximum capacity in every way possible. There are different reasons one develops a brain fog but for me personally, I either start to feel it when my physical pain has reached a particular limit or I am actually mentally overstimulated and have things to sort out.

 The heat isn’t helping either and my brain feels fried from it. I spent the day in my room, with blinds down and drank a lot of coconut water. It doesn’t seem like a day for warm herbal teas at all. I applied a strong Ayurvedic balm on my forehead and took my usual nap, only to wake up feeling the same. A combination of back pain + brain fog + migraine is a complete killer. I used two use packs for my head, one under my neck and one right at the crown of my head. I’ve seen that it helps to soothe most headaches, especially migraine. I’m already taking enough pain medication so I’d like to avoid extra pills for now, and, I also realized that I’ve run out of the stronger migraine pills that were prescribed to me some two years back. I haven’t needed the stronger ones lately, so that’s a good thing anyway.

I’m going to try a cold compress later tonight (with essential oils that help with migraine) though I’ve got to see how my brain fog is comes along and if I think I can. At the moment, I feel numb to everything around me and I have no idea how I’m even typing all of this out. Okay, staring at screens surely makes things worse so I didn’t read on my iPad, neither did I work on my laptop and now it’s time I stop typing this out on my relatively tiny phone. I just took a small bite of dark chocolate (caffeine either works for you or doesn’t work for you when you’re having a headache – and for me, dark chocolates does work sometimes. But I like dark chocolate anyway, whether it helps or not) and I’m going to close my eyes for a bit again.

Good day, all!



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