Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil helps with muscle spasms and aches associated with connective tissue disorders. I mix a few drops into a carrier oil (almond,olive, coconut etc),lightly massage the joint(s) and area around it, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before taking a warm shower. It is also very refreshing and is supposed to uplift a gloomy mood – just about what I need when my back is in so much pain.
It’s been 9 days now and the pain hasn’t subsided – I’ve only been eating, sleeping and showering because I feel too tired for anything else. I managed to step out for dinner for a while and like most other times, though the food was freaking delicious, the pain made it hard to really enjoy . It’s quite impossible to distract myself from the pain (in 2012, I used to try really hard to do it and was told many times to “just forget about it” or “don’t think about it” and it never worked) so I’m trying to listen to the pain more this time so I can do what it needs out of me. I usually alternate between sitting and standing while I’m out for dinner and these days even if it may look odd and I’ve got people looking at me, I don’t get bothered like before. I have to do what I have to do and I’ve gotten comfortable with it now. I remember the time I would feel too conscious (e.g. carrying a donut shaped pillow to sit on because I couldn’t rest my butt on any surface due to my sublaxed tailbone was embarrassing then and now it doesn’t matter) about these things and now it’s different. The way I perceive pain has changed greatly over the past few years – pain can be draining, both mentally and physically, but it allows me to work with my body more and helps me understand it better each time.
Okay, I get that Peppermint oil has no direct relationship with what I just typed but that’s okay. SO, going back to Peppermint essential oil, I’ve been using it quite often on my back past couple of days and I plan to continue. It’s like one of those things that can’t possibly hurt. Goodnight!💕#backinjury #patience #peppermint #oil #therapy #strength #HMS #EDS #selfcare #day9 #mytapestory

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