Morning With A Holter 

I hate the idea of not being able to shower first thing in the morning. I might sound like a little baby making a big deal out of something so small but really, a shower first thing after getting out of bed….means a lot to me.

1. It marks the start of my daily routine and I feel a little disoriented if I don’t begin my day with a nice shower. Mentally, I’m a zombie till I shower.

2. It helps with muscle tightness and soreness that I experience pretty much every morning. I can’t say it takes away  all the aches but it surely makes me feel at least about 10-15 percent better if I start my day with a warm shower to relax the muscles.

I’ve got about a total of 6 hours to go before I’m able to shower.The holter will be off in just a couple of hours but I may have another test after that…

I was specifically told  ” try not to sweat too much” (and make sure that the equipment doesn’t come into contact with water) while the holter is on me and that’s a bit hard when it’s so freaking hot outside. Sweat can cause the adhesive plugs to fall off and it can also get disgustingly itchy. I didn’t bother walking yesterday or today either.  I’m sitting in my room with the AC on and a fan blasting on my face as I type this out. Oh yes, I cancelled my physiotherapy session for today as well and I don’t think I’m walking till tomorrow.

Have I ever mentioned what it is like to miss a physiotherapy session?

It’s baddddd. I mean, I know how to tend to the pain I feel in general but I can’t quite reach all the spots or work on all of them myself. No, I don’t have that much strength in me. Plus, I’m hypermobile enough, so I don’t like the idea of stretching myself into awkward positions either.



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