Cardio Visit (1) – Holter Monitor

I haven’t quite written here in a while now and I don’t plan to write too much today either. I’m feeling too exhausted from yet another long appointment. Besides, I  also have a holter hanging off my body today.

A holter is a small portable device that is used to  continuously monitor the cardiovascular system for 24-48 hours. My visit to a Cardiologist was sort of due as my heart rate had been acting a little abnormal for sometime now, and it took me a very long time to realize that this was yet another symptom associated with HMS/EDS.

From what I know, things can get a lot more complicated if you’re diagnosed with the other types of EDS (all the other five types excluding type three) but my Neurologist thought it was a good idea to get it all checked anyway considering my long-ish medical history. Makes sense, I felt this was needed too. These are conditions that can potentially get very complicated and can turn into something risky, we all know that. And I’ve learned it’s always better to be safe than sorry so I’m glad we’re finally doing this. I might also need to go for a few other tests over next week just to make sure everything is normal.

The nurse commented that I should’ve worn something “more loose” since all the plugs and wire would show from my tight-fitting tank top and that’s “not nice” but “that’s ok”. Well, who knew I was going to have that many plugs and wires hanging off my body! Now I know better – whether you look like you walked out of the operation theatre during a heart surgery is not the point really. The point is that this can get a little uncomfortable, with wires and a portable monitor dangling off you and adhesive plugs attached to your chest, so one would rather be in a loose-flowy top (or pyjamas?) than a tank top, right?