Article : 7 Behaviors Most People Think Are Negative That Are Actually Healthy

Came across this article today and thought it was something we need to open our mind to. A fresh perspective to how we look at certain behaviors.

We are often taught to not be angry. To smile, to act as if everything’s okay. How often are we taught to learn the lesson behind that anger? How often are we taught how to positively express that anger? How often does anyone hold our hand and say, “hey, it’s okay to be angry. Take your time, I’m here for you.”

We are often taught that being lost is a bad thing; that we must always know our way. Everything must be in place. How often are we taught to accept where we are and slowly figure things out? How often are we told that being lost doesn’t make you less competent?

We are often taught that crying means weakness. That men can’t cry or strong people shouldn’t cry. We so easily relate tears with emotional and mental weakness. How often are we told to just let it out instead, to cry like never before because crying doesn’t make us weak?

We are taught to distract ourselves from our emotions. And that being alone makes us anti-social. We prefer distraction over being alone. How often are we taught that being alone is of  vital importance to our growth? How often do we really sit alone, with all our emotions and thoughts, let our guards down and just be? How often are we allowed to be alone, with support and understanding from friends and family?

We are often taught to listen to those who are older, because they are “wiser” or to meet expectations that others have of us. How often are we told to have discernment as to when to listen to others and when not to? How often are we told that listening to others can turn us into someone we don’t want to be?

We are taught to follow all kinds of rules, and thah rules are meant to be followed.  How often are we told that some rules need to be broken in order to feel your own freedom, express yourself and go past all your fears? How often does someone sit beside us and tell us to go our way?

We are taught to be like others. We are taught that being like others and doing what people around us do is the way to go. We tend to follow a certain set of beliefs because we think we must. Who are these “others”?  How often are we encouraged to have our own set of beliefs? How often are we told that it’s okay if our beliefs are different from others around us?  How often does anyone tell us that being different is good, that different doesn’t mean bad; that it just means different?

How often are we really us?



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